Committed to
Patient Safety and Safe Medicines!

We have just started off with our mission, and there is a long way to go. However, we are committed to patient safety and for ensuring the safe use of medicines. We will jointly make it happen!

Who can join?

All personnel working in the field of drug safety and Pharmacovigilance, from all the countries are welcome to join INOPP. 

Strategic Partnership

We are continuously working on the betterment of our strategy for effective networking, and we are open to comments, suggestions and useful feedback.

Our Objective

Presently there are almost half a million Pharmacovigilance Professionals globally. Awareness issue and under-reporting continue to remain a challenge in many countries, and harmonization of Pharmacovigilance requirements is still a distant dream.


Like all of you, our ultimate objective is Patient Safety. We wish to achieve this by connecting all the Pharmacovigilance Professionals under one domain and make an attempt to address the challenges.